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    Find yourself in the forest

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    Find yourself in the forest

    come see the experience to be had

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    come see the experience to be had

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    Find yourself in the forest

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Welcome to Jim's Jungle Retreat

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Jim's Jungle Retreat is an eco-conscious wildlife speciality lodge located on the southern periphery of India’s showcase wildlife park Corbett Tiger Reserve. Nestled between the Himalayan foothills in the north and the ancient Shivaliks in the south, Corbett Tiger Reserve extends over 1300 square kilometers of scrub, grassland, sal forests, rivers and a lake, varying between 400-1210 meters above sea level.

Established in 1936, and once nobility’s favored hunting ground, the sanctuary protects over 50 mammals, including the Royal Bengal tiger, the Asiatic elephant and the shy sloth bear, along with nearly 600 hundred domestic and transitory birds, and remarkably rare reptiles.

At this forest's edge, Jim's Jungle Retreat offers 18 sophisticated lodges and cottages in 15 acres of lush refuge, with forest and mountain vistas, countless bird-spotting opportunities, instinct-sharpening walks and safaris, and hours by the pool or on your private verandah. The retreat borders the southern forests of Corbett and a seasonal river that comes to life during the monsoon.

Through the year, the riverbed and the surrounding forests host herds of grazing deer, root-digging wild boar, noisy jackals and the occasional tiger or leopard. During their seasonal migration, elephant herds trumpet their arrival and are sighted often on jungle walks.

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  • An inclusive eco-style resort which doesn't disappoint

    "A really great resort. The Cottages are suites with large bathrooms. The food was of excellent quality and the only disappointment was that we failed to see a tiger on this trip. Oh well, we shall just have to come back! I'm looking forward to it."

    - Mark, Rustington, UK, April 2014 -

  • Memorable Experience

    "Stayed in Jim's during the first week of Jan 2014. Situated within the buffer zone this is an amazing place. This place is a must visit for its eco-friendly surroundings, great hospitality and an amazing jungle experience."

    - Sachin, New Delhi, January 2014 -

  • Exhilarating.....as always!!!

    "Have been a regular visitor of JJR for the past 8-9yrs which in itself speaks volumes about this property. Sitting plum in tiger territory, surrounded by dense forest & with wildlife in abundance - it doesn’t get better than this."

    - Ranvir, New Delhi, January 2013 -

  • Idyllic, peaceful, beautiful...just perfect

    "My wife and I stayed at Jim's Jungle Retreat in November as part of our honeymoon. It was a wonderful place to relax in complete peace - I've never felt so rested! The flora, bird and insect life in the resort itself is like something from a Kipling novel while the walks and safaris offer sightings of bigger fauna; we saw a mature male tiger at 30ft while walking just a few minutes from the resort."

    - James G, London, UK, November 2013 -

  • Skip the park -- spend more time at the lodge

    "Can't speak highly enough of Jim's Jungle Retreat. The nicest place we've stayed at in India since we arrived a year ago. The general manager made sure that everything was perfect, including offering extra attention to our toddler daughter's fussy eating habits. If I do it over again -- and we hope to -- I will focus on the nature walks at the lodge. These are incredible and really give you a chance to experience the natural beauty of the surroundings."

    - James H, Germany / Hyderabad, December 2013 -

  • Only wish we could have stayed longer”

    "Having stayed at Jim's Jungle Retreat for three nights in March my wife and I find it impossible to praise the resort too highly. We were sorry to leave and our only regret is that our time at Jim's Jungle Retreat was too short and when we return it will be for longer."

    - Chris, Comrie, UK, March 2013 -

  • The best family holiday ever

    "I've started to write this review 7 times, and words keep escaping me. There are not enough superlatives to describe JJR's hospitality and experience. We are nature lovers, so couldn't get enough of the safaris and the bird & animal watching. And being passionate little eco warriors the kids loved the movie nights beside the pool. I'm so grateful I could give my children an experience like Jims Jungle Retreat and the Corbett National Park."

    - Jala Dyer, Sydney, Australia, October 2013 -

  • A NEW HOME !!!

    "It may be difficult to sight the majestic tiger in Corbett the first time but one place you can feel the canine around you is certainly this wonderful retreat ! Ramnagar being our ancestral town ,I never imagined that it would be such a literal homecoming for our family which moved out generations back from the town. This place restores faith in our hospitality in true sense. Certainly a must stay property for anyone considering a trip to great Jim Corbett."

    - Vikash, Calcutta, October 2013 -

  • “There are resorts and then there is Jim's JUNGLE Retreat !

    "Yes, the name says it all.. It is not a resort or a hotel, it is a Jungle Retreat in all sense of the word. And not only for us, the victims of city life and jungle of the other kind i.e. concrete jungle, but it is a retreat also for those numerous inhabitants of the Corbett like elephants, monkeys, jackals, deers etc etc and ofcourse even the Tiger!! Trust me they do visit this place.. We had a sighting just outside the main entrance of the property."

    - Ashish, New Delhi, December 2013 -

  • I want to live here forever”

    "I visited Jim's Jungle Retreat in April 2013 with a few friends. In a nutshell JJR offers you a good mix of - luxury, relaxation, mysteriousness and excitement, fun, a colonial charm and staying there is immensely informative."

    - Arnab, New Delhi, April 2013 -

  • Spirit of the Tiger!

    "Wonderful stay at JJR for my husband and I and our 9 year old son. Treated like royalty, our son was pampered within an inch of his life - the wonderful GM set up a cinema for him so that he could watch the Jungle Book as she said it wasn't right that a small boy should be in the middle of the jungle without watching it!"

    - Mrs Carter, Suffolk, UK, October 2012 -

  • Raj comes alive in the forest !

    "Jims Jungle Retreat... A time capsule from the days of the 'Raj', it is an authentic experience for the brown sahib! Excellent food, well thought out architecture in the midst of the jungle, thoughtful staff, the magic of nature and quietitude."

    - Himanshu, New Delhi, October 2011 -

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