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Committed to responsible tourism, with active involvement of the local community, the retreat aims to minimize disturbance to its surroundings while providing its guests an exciting, educative and uplifting experience in one of the last refuges of India’s natural forests.

At the retreat, we invite you to Seek the Tiger, Find the Jungle.

We offer thrilling safari-based itineraries, the rough and tumble of the enterprise taken care of by unique elements of comfort. Night stays at a forest rest house inside the park supported by our linen and cooking; specially crafted bird watching tours in the Almora region or the Tumaria wetlands (just 13km from the retreat); camp outs at our tented fishing camp in Marchula to experience the area’s aquatic life.

The safaris, guided by qualified naturalists, include elephant and jeep rides through the same jungles the legendary James Edward Corbett roamed. Our forest interpretation walks and mountain-bike safaris have provided tiger and tusker sightings on more than one occasion.

We are proud of our long associations with park officials and ‘wild lifers’. Spend time with visiting conservationists and biologists involved with saving our treasured resources.

The People

Inder Pratap Singh Akoi


A visitor to Corbett since the early 1960s, Inder spent his formative years in the Corbett forests. Those moments helped him recognize man’s inexorable link with the animal world and that our futures are perilously burdened because of human excess and resource misuse.
To extend the knowledge gained of this vital link between man and jungle, and to join in an effort of conservation, the idea of a wildlife lodge was born. The lodge would bring employment opportunities to the local villagers, and conservation ideals to a tourist audience via a unique wilderness experience.



Having spent nearly every family holiday in the Corbett jungles, Daleep’s association with this region traces back to his early childhood, cemented in his school years with frequent angling excursions and month-long sabbaticals inside the reserve.Returning to India after an 11-year spell in New York, Daleep is responsible for the passion the lodge exudes when providing guests with an experience similar to his as a boy: a thrilling wildlife adventure with a tactful implantation of conservation ideals.

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