We offer three accommodation styles, totaling 18 residences, designed with a focus on aesthetic, comfort and of capturing the area's history. These include jungle cottages and lodges borrowing from their architectural past - old forest bungalows and rest houses of the Raj era.

Luxuriant fabrics, fine linen and subtle detailing create a comfortable and sophisticated environment. Century-old lithographs and plates of Indian hunting scenes frame the walls. The furniture is designed with extensive use of local craftsmanship and material, and each uniquely-styled residence inspires charm and exclusivity.


Jungle Lodge

At a 15-foot elevation, they offer spectacular views of the surrounding jungles, the nearby Shivalik hills and the seasonal riverbed that hosts deer, wild hog and the occasional tiger or elephant. 10 feet wide wrap-around verandas, plush interiors that encourage you to unwind, solar geysers and rain showers, all add to your unique personal experiences.

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Jungle Cottage

The Jungle Cottage borrows from the construction style of our neighboring Gujjar community, with sloping thatched roofs and mud-colored exteriors, while the rooms – living, bedroom, dressing and bath - offer Raj-inspired living.

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Family Cottage

The Jungle Family Cottage contains a second bedroom for children. All elements from the cottage are available in the family suite as well.

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    Unwind. Rejuvenate. Relish.
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    Rustic Wanderings
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    Rustic Wanderings
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    Rustic Wanderings
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    Rustic Wanderings


Built in local Gujjar style, with mud and thatch, it houses the only television should you wish to catch up with the goings-on in the real world. Slide shows and topical wildlife films are screened in the evening, either inside or in the bush, often leading to animated discussions on wildlife conservation.



A waterhole-shaped swimming pool with lounging recliners can provide for hours of rest and relaxation. Snacks and beverages are served by the pool throughout the day.



Our dining area, inspired architecturally by a Gujjar thatch and mud hall, is open to the forested surroundings and offers a unique mix of cuisines from the days of the Raj and local Kumaoni delicacies. An Indian barbeque by a bonfire, end of safari chai by the forest, snacks served by the pool and exclusive private dining options are part of your gastronomical experience.



Interpreting the planting project to our guests is vital for its success. Our purpose at JJR is to inspire enthusiasm and interest for the Indian jungle and its protection. Protecting our forests is the starting point for conserving all wildlife including the tiger. Fortunately this is something everyone can contribute to but they first need to understand the vital role plants play in the world. Once at the retreat, our naturalists will be happy to walk you on one of our specially developed interpretation trails.



We hope to encourage consumers to make nature-friendly choices. Quality products have been sourced from rural fair-price cooperatives that provide healthy labour environments. Choose from clever Haathi Chaap products made from elephant poo to scrap cloth toys made by the handicapped, along with unique products specially designed by the retreat. Our organic honey and pickles are very popular.


Photography & Research

We encourage photography workshops and research endeavours at the retreat. Our researcher rooms provide accommodation to young people interested in doing research in the field of natural sciences, wildlife or conservation. Their experiences are shared with guests who are encouraged to participate in the various aspects of this unique educational initiative.



After a long safari, a jungle walk or just a lazy afternoon, have your muscles worked out by our therapists trained in traditional deep tissue and Ayurvedic relaxation techniques. You will also learn about various organic and kitchen produce-inspired recipes for skincare and general wellness.



Working with the local Forest Department nursery in Dhela, we have set up a nursery to cultivate grasses, trees and other native flora for planting on site and to provide support to the Forest Department in their afforestation efforts. We also encourage our guests to purchase and plant trees and other flora that is native to the Indian jungle so that our native biodiversity is preserved in homes as well.


Corbett is a vast jungle with much to explore and experience. The same area may be completely transformed based on time of day and season. Your chances of animal encounters increase with the time you spend in the jungle. Depending on your time constraints and interests, we can help you create an itinerary that ensures you get the most out of your stay. See a few of our recommended packages to understand better how you could plan your trip. They would all include daily interpretation and bird watching walks or cycling expeditions, depending on your itinerary.

Our forest activities coordinator would be happy to custom create an itinerary for you based on your stay time and interests. Please indicate your preferences and wildlife specific requirements for our team to customise a bespoke suggestive itinerary with unique and exclusive wilderness experience options for your stay with us at the Retreat.




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